Episode #2 – Glamour Photo Podcast

  • Welcome to Episode Number 2 of The Glamour Photo Podcast in today’s show we are talking about Glamourcon 2010 Chicago, and about the recent changes and updates to our website. We also have a couple listener questions to round out the show that should make for some interesting discussions.

Full show notes are also downloadable as a .pdf by clicking this link

  • Our Site and how it will work

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    • You can find our information on the contact page with links to our sites
    • Questions can go to: questions@glamourphotopodcast.com
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    • We now also have a group on Flickr – http://www.flickr.com/groups/glamourphoto/ – For discussions and questions and a location to post photos for critique
  • SHOW 2 – This week we are talking all about Glamourcon Chicago 2010 – Workshops, The Show Floor
    • Mark
      • What Seminars did you teach? How did they go? What response did they get?
      • Who were your models?
      • What do models have to put up with when working a seminar?
      • Where you the only instructor this year?
      • How do students respond to seminars with models present vs. seminar teaching only?
      • How do you prepare for a seminar or teaching event like Glamourcon?
      • What equipment do you need to bring?
      • Did you actually have time to enjoy the trip or was it all work and no play?
    • Luana
      • How was the show floor this year?
      • What were you there to accomplish?
      • What is the best way a model can use Glamourcon to her advantage?
      • Is there money to be made at Glamourcon (Or any event like this) for models?
      • Do you have photos from the event you can post for our listeners?
      • Any tips or tricks to selling at a glamourcon style event?
      • What do fans and photographers enjoy the most about being able to meet the models in person?

Next Glamourcon is in Long Beach, CA on Nov 13&14 – Any plans?

See Glamourcon.com for more information

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Listener Questions:

  • Where do you draw the line between an erotic photograph and a “sleazy” photograph? Is the only difference, as one person put it, between art and porn the lighting?
  • What do you do with models that tell the photographer what to do…..?
  • Are any of you getting or planning to get any new cameras or equipment in the near future? If so what is it and how will it affect your workflow?

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